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Scaffold Protective Foam Pipe Tube Padding 2m x 49mm x 14mm

Hi Viz Tube Padding
  • Tough impact protection for tubing.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Easy to install.
  • Sold in 2 meter lengths.

2m x 49mm bore x 14mm thick

Protective tubes to encase wooden. and metal posts on playgrounds, frames, scaffolds, gardens, play areas, homes, schools, recreation centres, swimming pools, sports posts, ski-ing areas and wherever tough protection against impact is called for. The tear-proof polyethylene profiles with UV-resistant surface are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and are easy to install.

Also available...

Size 6 Tube Protection

33.7mm Tube / Pipe Protection / Padding (Grey)

Sold in 2 meter lengths.

Size 7 Tube Protection

42.4mm Tube / Pipe Protection / Padding (Grey)

Sold in 2 meter lengths.


Size 8 Tube Protection

48.3mm Tube / Pipe Protection / Padding (Grey)

Sold in 2 meter lengths.

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